Group hits the streets to protest against GFA leadership; Check their petition

Group hits the streets to protest against GFA leadership

A pressure group known as Ghana Football Stakeholders Forum embarked on a demonstration on Wednesday, October 4 against the leadership of the Ghana Football Association (GFA).

According to the group led by popular Ghanaian football cheerleader Abraham Boakye and club administrator Charles Ntim, Kurt Okraku has been running the GFA as its personal property without regards to the rule of law, hence the need for government to step in to bring the association to order.

The Group is also exasperated on Kurt Okraku going unopposed as GFA President after his main competitor George Afriyie was disqualified for not providing the required number of signatures to support his candidacy.


Mr Afriyie had his appeal challenging his disqualification dismissed by the Appeals Committee of the Ghana Football Association.

The Planners FC bankroller has filed for an interlocutory injunction against the GFA elections and also challenging the case at the Court of Arbitration for Sports.

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The GFA elections schedule to be held in Tamale on October 5 is also facing a separate court injunction filed by King Faisal led by its owner Alhaji Karim Grusah.

Read below the Ghana Football Stakeholders Forum petition below;


On Wednesday, October 4, 2023 a group of football loving Ghanaians and Administrators embarked on a peaceful demonstration against the leadership of the Ghana Football Association (GFA) with specific regard to the President of the GFA, Mr. Kurt Okraku.

It is sad to note that since Mr. Okraku assumed the position of the GFA President in October, 2019, all he has done is to run the Football Association as if it were his personal property.

The GFA has been turned into a family and friends’ enterprise with Mr. Okraku filling key positions at the GFA and National Teams with his family and staff of his football club Dreams FC.

Regrettably, even his brother in-law has been given a position at one of the National Teams. What is even more dangerous now at the GFA is his blatant disregard for the rule law and the continuous manipulation of the decisions of the Judicial bodies of the GFA.

Mr Okraku decides who wins or loses a case with a body of the GFA competent enough to deliberate on a matter. As we speak there are still pending cases emanating from last season’s league, which has not been dealt with. Neither the Committee responsibly for deliberating on the matter nor the GFA General Secretary has given any reason for not sitting on those cases. The only thing one can think of; it’s the fact that Mr. Okraku simply does not want the cases of those victims heard because they are his enemies.

One thing the Government of Ghana must understand is that Mr Okraku cannot use the National Team as a money-making venture meant to fill his pocket and that of his family and friends through the appointment of persons associated to work with the National Teams and player call-ups into the various National Teams.

The level of bad governance at the GFA has sunk to its lowest level. A recent example is the fact that the elective congress slated for October 5, 2023, has been treated with so much disrespect to the Law Courts of Ghana and the members of the GFA.

Instead of the GFA to officially inform members to present delegates for the congress, all the General Secretary of the Association has done is to send WhatsApp messages to its “loved ones” or persons perceived to be with them to send its delegates list to his WhatsApp number. This is certainly not how the GFA operates. The Members of the GFA who are perceived as enemies to Mr. Okraku have not been invited for the impending Congress in Tamale, against the GFA Statutes, 2019.

Prior to the GFA Elections Committee setting the timelines for the elections, Mr. Okraku had already paid money to clubs to endorse him.

We call on the National Security apparatus through the Ministry of Youth and Sports to conduct an independent investigation into this matter. The whole electoral process for the 2023 GFA Elective Congress has been nothing but a shame.

What could be the reason why Mr. Okraku would be afraid of an election? It is certainly because he knows he has performed abysmally and does not need to continue in office as President of the GFA.

How could a man known to have a lot of integrity issues pass an integrity test to contest for the position of GFA President?

The abysmal work done by the then normalization committee continued with this present Elections Committee. How on earth would a man whose club is known for falsifying the date of birth of players and their names qualify to lead an Association?

The performance of the Black Stars and the other National Teams would continue to sink if he continues in office. The Government of Ghana must defy all odds to save Ghana football. After all his counterpart in Mali Mamoutou Toure, who is even a FIFA Council member is in Prison custody in Mali for various offences.

Mr Okraku cannot continue to disrespect the laws of Ghana and walk around freely. The threat of a FIFA ban is a hoax.

The Government of Ghana must immediately call off the GFA Elections slated for Thursday, October 5, 2023 to allow for a bipartisan committee to look into all the happenings leading to the GFA Elections.

The consequences of Mr Okraku continuing as GFA President are dire and the Government must be advised accordingly.

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