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FIFA Womens Ranking: Ghana out of top 50 teams

Ghana have seen declined in the latest FIFA Womens rankings on the world stage released by the World football governing body.

In a release by FIFA on Friday, August 25, the Black Queens are ranked 59th globally with 1428.37 points just behind African champions Morocco.

Ghana in last months’ July ranking, accumulated 1419.63 points to placed 58th position however they have seen a declined by one step.

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With this, Ghana lost 8.74 points to go down in the latest ranking released today by FIFA.

This means Ghana missed out of the top 50 best female national team in the world and dropped from 58th position to 59th in the ranking following Black Queens failure to qualifier to the just ended 2023 FIFA Womens World Cup.

However, eleven-time African champions, Nigeria (32) and South Africa (45) were the only teams to made it into the top list of 50 nations in the world.

On the African the continent Nigeria maintained their number one position with South Africa, Cameroon, Morocco, and Ghana completing the top five.

Ghana once again dropped on the continent from 4th position to 5th by losing margin of 2.86 points.

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Ghana’s highest ever rankings was between June and September 2008 where they occupied the 42nd placed position whiles December 2019 saw the county record its lowest ever rankings on 60th position.

In the World rankings, World champions Spain jumped from 6th position to 2nd position whiles England who lost the World Cup to Spain maintained their fourth spot.

Sweden, Spain, United State of America, England and France completed the top five teams with Germany, the Netherlands, Japan, Brazil and Canada in that order to complete the top ten list.

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According to FIFA, the Women’s World Ranking (WWR) teams are ranked based on their value measured with their actual strength.

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