Ghanaians haven’t lost interest in the local league – Sports Minister

Mustapha Ussif admits that the local league is having waning attendance numbers

The Youth and Sports Minister, Mustapha Ussif has refuted claims that Ghanaians have lost interest in the local football.

According to the Minister, even though the Ghana Premier league has been recording low attendance in some league centers, it does not reflect a decline in the nation’s love for the sport.

Speaking at a thought leadership event organized by Joy Sports, Mustapha Ussif stated that the significant turnouts witnessed during matches between Hearts of Oak and Great Olympics just two years ago is a testament to the fact that the fervor and passion for football among Ghanaians remain as vibrant as ever.

“I refuse to believe that Ghanaians have suddenly lost interest in football. No, the passion is still alive and vibrant. We must, therefore, delve deeper into the underlying factors responsible for this decline and take decisive actions to revive our beloved league,” declared Ussif.

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“Two years ago, the fierce rivalry between Hearts of Oak and Great Olympics drew an overwhelming crowd. Yet, we find ourselves grappling with a disheartening decline in attendance at recent fixtures.”

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