‘Playing and winning, the ultimate goal of Ghana football DNA

Four-pillars philosophical routine of football development of the Ghana Football DNA includes- physic, technical, tactical, and phycological.

Management of the Ghana Football Association (GFA) believes the introduction of the Ghana Football DNA will facilitate in the instilling of winning mentality into players at levels of football in the country.

GFA on Wednesday, July 12, 2023, lunched “Ghana Football DNA” purposeful to identity how national teams should play, the current trends in the game, its strength and weakness as well as an implementation plan to help Ghana Football reach its targets.

With the introduction, Ghana can now boost of a plan to develop a distinct philosophy or identity to run its football to equate the then ‘Agoro’ style of play, which comprises of skills, ball possession, creativity and freedom of players to express themselves on the field of play.

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These, according to the GFA, the distinct philosophy or identity programmed in the Ghana Football DNA will define how players approaches matches to achieve a common goal which is – “to play” and “to win”.

According to the GFA, the winning mentality would also be instilled at the grassroots level to follow a pattern to the national teams to enable Ghana showcase to the football world a modern trend of distinct and play.

“Secondly, we seem to capitalize on the strength of Ghanaian players – their technique, speed, physicality, creativity, mental strength and adaptability while improving their tactical knowledge and understanding. The Ghana football DNA endeavours the establish versatile style of play that can adapt different formation and variations ensuring flexibility and adaptability on the field.

“Ultimately, the underline purpose of the Ghana Football DNA is simply to play, to win and instilling winning mentality and the hunger of success in every player who embraces this philosophy.,” it highlighted.

Moreover, the Ghana Football Association and the Ghana football DNA will therefore seek to embark on a transformation journey creating new life into Ghanaian football which the “philosophy holds the potentials to shake the new era of success – a feature where Ghanaian footballers will leave a mark on the world stage.”

Meanwhile, the DNA, according to the GFA comes in four-pillars of philosophical routine of football development which includes- physic, technical, tactical, and phycological coupled with the homage of history and culture of the country.

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