Ghana Football DNA to align with ‘Agro’ style in 4 pillars – GFA

Ghana Football DNA which was recently launched by the footballing association will project the country’s football in a unique identity and a proper perspective align on four pillars of routine philosophy, the Ghana Football Association has explained.

According to the GFA in a phototype excerpts of the programme, Ghana football is expecting a modern trend of display exhibition to the football world.

The four-pillars philosophy routine of football development includes- physic, technical, tactical, and phycological coupled with the homage of history and culture of the country.

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It is recalled that on July 12, 2023, the GFA lunched what it termed “Ghana Football DNA” purposely to identity how national teams should play, the current trends in the game, its strength and weakness as well as an implementation plan to help Ghana Football reach its deserving peak.

The DNA, Ghana can now boost of a plan to develop a distinct philosophy or identity to run its football to equate the then ‘Agoro’ style of play, which comprises of skills, ball possession, creativity and freedom to express oneself on the field of play.

Outlining the model for the Ghana Football DNA, the GFA said implying the aforementioned developments plans will help equate the ‘Agoro’ style of play from grassroot to elite levels.

“The Ghana Football DNA long-term, step by step plan from grassroot to elite levels – consistent approach, naturing talents and lining player to the development pathway at all age groups. At its core, the Ghana DNA is research designing approach to identify and address the technical, technical, physical and psychological deficiency that exist within Ghanaian football.

“And represent the more in a progressive and scientific solution capitalising on our strength and weakness all these while playing homage to our football history and culture, the Agoro style.

To share this philosophy the GFA conducted an extensive survey involving over 200 football experts who contributed their insight to access the key elements of Ghanaian football across all levels. The philosophy routine 4 pillars of football development – physical, technical, tactical, phycological attribute align with the demands of moder football trends.”

The objective of Ghana football DNA, the GFA says are multi-faceted and ambitious with the aim of establishing a “distinctive style of play that englobe our system holistic, modern essence Ghanaian football whiles embracing the culture, passion, commitment, team spirit, and self-expression.”

To capitalise on the strength of Ghanaian players – their technique, speed, physicality, creativity, mental strength and adaptability while improving their tactical knowledge and understanding of the DNA is another significant model of the development.

Laying more emphasizes on it, the Ghana football DNA, according to the FA will endeavours the establishment of “versatile style of play that can adapt different formation and variations ensuring flexibility and adaptability” during play.

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