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Ghana football model has turn into ‘tonaton’ – Wilson Arthur

Astute football administrator Wilson Arthur has described as ‘tonaton’ to wit ‘buy and sell’ the model at which Ghana football is administered by clubs in the country.

He indicated those appointed for the day-to-day administration of these clubs are only oriented on cashing out on player sales.

Mr. Arthur made the statement whiles expressing his wary on the state of Ghana football in recent times.

Speaking further on the subject matter the owner of Division One League side Skyy FC believe that Ghanaian clubs have made the footballing business a “non-viable” one.

“Personally I think that Ghana football is a viable business but the model in which the clubs are running theirs is not viable.”

He quizzed “How do you sell your best players every season to Tanzanian clubs, and others which are your competitors on the continent and expect to over-empower them in the CAF Champions League and Confederation Cup.”

These attitudes, according to the experience football administrator have amounted to the collapsed system of football in Ghana.

“We seem not to be serious as clubs in this country. What we have resorted to doing only equates to buying and selling and that is the root cause of the bad state of our football,” added Wilson Arthur.

The performance of Ghanaian clubs in continental club competitions over the decade had been abysmal leading to the reduction of its initial slots from four to two. Owing to these, Ghana only has one slot in both the CAF champions League and Confederation Cup.

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