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GFA President Kurt Okraku Announces GH¢80,000 for Division One Clubs

Kurt Okraku, the President of the Ghana Football Association (GFA), unveiled a groundbreaking initiative during the 29th GFA Ordinary Congress held in Kumasi.
GFA President announced that each Division One club will receive GH¢80,000 as an incentive for the upcoming season, providing much-needed support and encouragement for these clubs.
Each division one league club will receive eighty-thousand Ghana cedis for the coming season” said Kurt E.S Okraku
The news comes as a timely boost for the Division One clubs, many of which have faced financial challenges in recent times, hindering their ability to participate fully in football activities.
The GFA’s decision to allocate funds to these clubs aims to alleviate their struggles and promote their continued engagement in the sport.
The incentive programme will directly benefit the 48 clubs competing in the Access Bank Division One League, ensuring that they have the necessary resources to enhance their operations and strengthen their squads.
The injection of GH80,000 into each club is expected to create a more stable and conducive environment for the development of football talent across the country.
President Kurt Okraku’s announcement underscores the GFA’s commitment to supporting all levels of football in Ghana.
By prioritising the needs of Division One clubs, the GFA recognises their vital role in nurturing young talents and fostering a strong football culture at the grassroots level.
This initiative is a testament to the GFA’s dedication to promoting inclusivity and providing equal opportunities for clubs across the board.
The financial incentives will not only help the Division One clubs overcome financial constraints but also contribute to the overall growth and competitiveness of Ghanaian football.
As the new season approaches, the Division One clubs can now look forward to a more promising future with the financial backing necessary to participate actively in the league.
The GFA’s decision is expected to invigorate the Division One League and generate excitement among players, coaches, and fans alike.
With the new incentives in place, Division One clubs can now focus on their preparations for the upcoming season, aiming to deliver thrilling matches and discover promising talents that could potentially ascend to higher levels of competition.
SOURCE: GetSportgh

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